Honor the Black Race Today!

Rey Congo from Portobelo.

As we enter the 21st Century we, the Panamanian West Indians, join the people of the world in Christian Hope, clinging to the God of peace and hope for mankind. For we are still hoping to fulfill the Spiritual mandate to our ancestors, to keep our head high despite the atmosphere of disregards for human kindness suddenly gripping the planet today.

We, the sons of the Westindian people of the Panama Diaspora bid the youth assist us in filling the whole universe with the Spirit of Mercy.

We are hoping that everyone at home or visiting a Holy Place of Divine energy, would light a torch or a little candle as a testimony of our faith. This very simple act, I am sure, would let our light shine always on the Truth. We pray also that this feast day would bring that powerful Spirit to give a respite to all the people from the madness of belligerence. So that we are hopeful for the rest of the year until we feast again, that a more spiritual divine life would take over our planet Earth.

So then I am praying that the Love Divine and the work ethic would turn the evil ones’ attention away from our environment, so that a feeling of well being would bless this most mistreated humanity. Then let the people dress up in their colors and let the damsels and little children dance, as a pledge of homage and praise to the Spirit that made the world and Black Africa.

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