The Genesis of Freedom in the Americas

This will be our first article in a series of articles in which, at this juncture in our time line, we just have to present to our readers some of the personalities of our Afro-American race who have left a mark on our history. As an Afro-Latin-American it is incumbent upon me, as a servant to our people, to present this hidden knowledge that has been kept from us as rigorously as a state secret. So that, this is our opportunity to learn these facts wherever in this universe we might be today and to place importance on these pages, because it means lifting up of our self esteem.

Ours is a history which has not been publicized nor has it been introduced as part of our basic education. Most of the pioneer research and records of our contributions to our freedom and the freedom of the whole Americas still remains undiscovered by most of our compatriots and as such it will remain hidden to most people of the world.

It is a history that I have found fascinating since the first time by chance the topic was introduced to me as a child student of the fourth grade of my elementary school. General Simon Bolivar was the only one of these past luminaries that we only superficially heard about at recess in our school in those days. He is just one of the many luminaries I have since gotten to know, who, upon reaching adolescence strove to act with the authority of one who has been sent to us as a people.

To this writer they all are divine beings who acted in an era in which our colored race of people were suffering for more than three hundred years of slavery and humiliation. This type of world history is mostly hidden leaving us with very negative emotional, physical and even spiritual scars. We are still paying the price in this the 21st century for acts for which the innocent in mankind have been unjustly blamed. We and our ancestors were the first victims of the cycles of massive industrial models, which ended up depersonalizing the whole labor force of humanity.

Today’s laborers are still prey to the nefarious assembly line mentality. Even today most of us, no matter how much education and training we strive to receive, meet with the rude awakening that we never rise above minimum wage. However, the divine right to act with impunity upon the working people of the world is seeing its death knell, thanks to the World Wide Web of cooperating workers. Those times in which the imperial complexes of European countries dominated and in which their church spiritually guided the massacring of all humanity of color on the planet has really ended. In our part of the world in which we the people of color were massacred, we really were only a shield until the same treatment threatened that suffering humanity of the continent of Asia.

We are the people of the world. We the colored people still represent the majority of the population of all the races of mankind on this planet. We are the souls who our Judeo-Christian God declared to be the first men ever made. However, although we are men by Him endowed with the rights and privileges of divine beings, we still suffer poverty and the emotional and physical legacy of the atrocities of racism. History, however, has caught up and demands reparation for our people. History will continue to recount with accusatory tones the shameful events that led to our unjust invasions and imprisonment in our own countries of birth.

With as many who clamor for freedom of information the so called official history of our country is still wanting of the truth. Although the perpetrators of many of the injustices clamor today for freedom of information and democratic rules, our Black people continues suffering the injustice no State has been willing to pay reparations for. We have, in fact, been deprived of freedom of information to publicize our historical truth to children and young people in every country of our Americas. Thus we are unable to help our motherland of Africa, because of our economic plight. We, of the people of the West Indies in the country of Panama today, have a homeland and are a part of a Black race of people in all of Latin America. As Afro-Hispanics we still yearn for easy access to our brothers in far away Africa which is our motherland.

Though we the Afro-Hispanics are still vilified as some kind of rare animals that appeared suddenly one day in the history of Panama, we are the West Indian people who history has recorded as being the real citizens who have promoted peaceful coexistence and democracy in our land. We, the Panamanian West Indians, whose history placed us here right after coming out of the hands of slavery, did arrive en mass with a cooperative spirit to offer the world to build the first open seaway which would ease communication. We were also the first to labor “like animals” to provide the world with its first taste of the banana fruit. Today, however, we still we feel as though we have just been, along with our ancestors, taken off the slave ships. However, today on the threshold of the 21st century, many of us still, as our ancestors did in the 15th century, try to hide in shame because of the color of our skin.

This story continues.

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