A Preview of What Lay Ahead

We will soon be entering a dramatic and crucial period of time for not only the Panamanian people but for the United States and the world as well. What better way to introduce this eventful and dynamic chunk of history than with a visual presentation such as the one put together by Jeremy Segermeister, a very clever High School student who took a lot of trouble and time to put this video together?

It is pretty accurate in many of its facts and figures although Jeremy’s own political opinions invariably show through. It is, however, a good capsule of the monumental work today called the Panama Canal. Some of the old footage is priceless and speaks for itself especially clips of the West Indian men who made up most of the clean up and fumigating brigades.

It is worth the wait for loading time. Please be patient and enjoy!

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2 responses to “A Preview of What Lay Ahead

  1. Kyle & Svet Keeton

    Very good, That was really a good video. I really have wanted to see the canals in real life but that was, in a short time a lot of footage on how the locks work.

    I liked it


  2. Great clip. It was interesting to see the time-lapse footage of the boat traversing the canal and going through the locks.

    Very timely now that expansion of the Panama Canal is ongoing. Will share this on Dotventures @ Blogspot.