The Calypsonians- Lord Kitchener

Lord Kitchener (1922-2000)

Aldwyn Roberts [1922-2000], was a calypso composer and performer born in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago. Born on April 18th to a blacksmith father named Stephen and a homemaker mother named Albertha, he is best known as Lord Kitchener, a sobriquet he derived from the valiant and formidable British soldier whose name was famous in Trinidad at the time Roberts started his career as a Calypsonian. He was also sometimes called just “Kitchener” or fondly “Kitchie” by those who knew him well.

Kitchener was a musical genius whose calypso recordings became famous for their popularity as chosen songs for steel bands to play at the Panorama competition every carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago. He has become musical legend as one of the inimitable Calypsonians of our hemisphere.  Kitchener also made a name for himself as Road March Monarch by dominating in this competition for many years, winning this title given to the most popular song on the “road” for the Carnival many times.

Some of his Road March winning songs:

“The road make to walk on Carnival day”
“Mama this is Mas”
“My Pussin’”
“Mama Look a Band Passing”
“Lai Fook Lee, Lowsee Ay”
“Mas in Madison Square Garden”

Kitchener produced musical compositions that were original and entertaining. Sometimes they were topical, relevant to a particular current event, and other times they reflected the genius of his ability to create vibrant melodies and engaging compositions from simple themes.

He is regarded as one of the greatest Calypsonians of the 20th century.

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Click on the clip below to hear Kitchener at his most popular Gimme de ting:

2 responses to “The Calypsonians- Lord Kitchener

  1. Kyle & Svet Keeton

    Mighty Sparrow, Roaring Lion, Lord Invader and Lord Kitchener most likely the top of the 20th century.

    Am I correct: a calypsonian composes and sings but a calypso singer just sings not composes?

    Harry Belafonte was calypso???

    Good article. I am not sure that I remember correctly.


  2. Kyle and Svet,

    The Calypsonians both sang and composed although not all of them composed. Mighty Sparrow, for instance, was a very prolific composer and has many calypsos to his credit, “Jean and Dinah,” etc. Lord Invader is credited with “Rum and Coca Cola,” and the list goes on. Check out these names on Youtube and you will be entertained with their songs as well as their lyrics.