The Setup


As yet I had steered clear of being too involved with my classmates who were constantly trying to court me away from my reveries. I had good reason for this attitude as I would inevitably get into trouble the minute I’d allow myself to get caught up in their shenanigans. Engrossed as I was one day in reading a novel I suddenly heard one of my old cronies calling me but, fearing involvement in whatever it was he was calling me for, I ignored him. The teacher, as usual, was not present in the classroom.

I then received a sharp nudge from my seat partner, a girl who was intellectually challenged if you ask me, but the teacher had decided that sitting us together might be a good thing and we might be mutually beneficial to one another- or so I supposed. That the girl was dumber than dumb, however, was evident and we seldom said anything to one another.

Anyway, she caught my attention and pointed with her chin to a boy way over at the end row of desks. Jose Manuel picked up on me and directed my gaze to the back of the class. When I followed his stare I found myself looking intently up the skirt of a girl sitting two seats behind Jose. The manhood in me stared at the most beautiful young bronzed thighs I had ever laid eyes on and such intimacy just hypnotized me.

I became so absorbed in the tantalizing scene that I completely overlooked the moment in which the girl noticed me playing the voyeur and she turned around sharply to nail me in the act. “I’m going to tell the teacher!” she shouted angrily at me as I immediately turned ashen white with fear. The girls who sat around me, including Miss Slow Wit who had nudged me, all of a sudden turned around and acted as though they had had no part in the whole scheme of setting me up.

I would discover that day, however, that I had an angel watching over me since I suddenly heard some girl say, “You sit there with your beautiful legs wide open showing it all for the whole world and every man to come and see and then you complain when they do! You have some nerve…”

Dumbfounded by so outspoken a defense on my behalf I remained silent listening, as did the rest of the class, to this strong “womanly” girl put them all to shame for the injustice that had been about to take place. The teacher then re-entered our now very quiet classroom and began giving us a lesson that required the use of one of the blackboards. No one said a word.

The teacher asked for a volunteer to come up to the blackboard to prove that they had all understood the lesson and, to my surprise, my “guardian angel” was chosen to come up front to the chalkboard. When she finished writing on the board the piece of chalk she had been using broke and a piece fell to the floor and rolled over to my desk right in front of me. She stooped to pick up the piece of chalk and as she raised her head our eyes met in perfect timing as she, magically, smiled at me.

Being more than appreciative for her previous intervention on my behalf I fancied myself really in love with this “guardian angel.” I waited patiently for an opportunity to thank her and it soon presented itself that same afternoon as we all filed out for recess.

Opting for discretion in approaching this amazing girl I heard myself say, “Hey, look, thank you very much for what you did for me today. I really mean it, thank you.” Not finding that trite little show of gratitude sufficient for this new found friend who, by the way, was good looking as well, I followed close behind her and whispered, “I Love you!”

This incident, however, would prove to me how little I knew about girls my age and about the affection they required which, quite frankly, I had never been instructed in giving.

This story will continue.

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