“Content is King”- We Will be Remodeling

We totally agree with the professional web gurus that “Content is King” on the Internet. In our efforts to continue bringing you, our readers, better content and even more relevant issues, our web site will be under construction for the next couple of months.

Perhaps I should say we will undergo a remodeling. In any event don’t stay away; be patient. We will be back with more of everything and a better look.

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3 responses to ““Content is King”- We Will be Remodeling

  1. Sir,

    My name is Lorenzo Webster, I was born & raise in Paraiso. I’ll like to congratulate you on a wonderful master piece. This is priceless.

    I had bookmarked this site sometime ago (like a couple years), & today I just got around to reading it. I started @ 0930 & is after 1900 hrs, & I am still reading. Reading this, is like listening to my grandma some 50 years ago. I have send this to all my friends, (Americans too) & specially my son. This history has to be put in text books, otherwise it will be lost forever. Lot of us don’t know our WI history, or contribution to Panama or the world for that matter. I will be checking the site often for updates.

    Again I want to thank U for the herculean effort & time, U & Lydia have devoted to this project.

  2. Mr. Webster,

    Thank you for taking time out to send us your feedback about the Silver People Chronicle. I'm glad you followed up on your bookmark and came back to discover the many wonderful things that our ancestors accomplished for Panama and the world.

    You will have much more to read while we do our remodeling of our web sites. We will continue updating in a few weeks.

    You might also want to check out our Facebook Groups by entering through the sidebar.

    Thank you again for your comment.

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