The Passing of Dr. Marco Mason

Dr. Marco Mason last year 2010 when he attended The Etnia Negra Awards Ceremony at the Riande Hotel. He, of course is the central figure beautifully dressed in African garb.

We received the regrettable news yesterday that a great friend and descendant of the Silver People of Panama passed away on Monday morning, March 7, 2011.  We were honored by knowing him last year at the Etnia Negra Awards Ceremony here in Panama.  We’ve taken the liberty of citing below a dated N.Y. Daily News which only briefly outlined his life and accomplishments.  We will soon prepare a tribute article to Dr. Mason and his life in the cultural section of our Silver People Heritage Foundation web site.  Please visit and leave virtual offerings at his Find-a-Grave memorial here.

For many in New York and around the world, Marco Mason is a perfect example of what a community leader should be. At City Hall in Manhattan on Thursday, Mason will be honored for his long-term, selfless contributions in politics, health and civic affairs.

An Arts and Cultural Celebration in Honor of Dr. Marco Mason’s Contributions to the Caribbean-American Community” will be held in the City Council Chambers from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The event is sponsored by Councilman Bill de Blasio (D-Park Slope), Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) and the Committee to Honor Dr. Marco A. Mason.

He wears many hats, but the respected Panamanian-born medical sociologist and educator is well-known for his immeasurable support of Caribbean people in New York. A longtime proponent of Caribbean clout, Mason has advised politicians, business owners and governmental agencies of the demographics of Caribbean New Yorkers and touted their accomplishments and vast potential.

Since arriving in the U.S. from Panama in the early 1960s, Mason has led by example. He’s a founding member of the Caribbean Women’s Health Association and chairman/CEO of the Panamanian Council of New York.

He’s also served as an invaluable adviser to numerous organizations and businesses. And, while extolling the responsibility and benefits of civic involvement for immigrants, Mason is the first vice chairman of Brooklyn’s Community Board 9.

The funeral for Dr. Mason is scheduled for this Saturday March 12, 2011.  We will update this post with further details.

We offer our condolences to his family and the multitude of his friends and colleagues around the world who will sorely miss his grand commitment to bettering his community.

This story will continue.


This is an update on Dr. Mason’s Funeral Arrangements:




224 Brooklyn Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11213

(Between Sterling Place and St. John’s Place)

8:00 AM – 8:30 AM                                                     VIEWING

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM                                                     MASS

9:45 AM – 10:15 AM                                                   VIEWING

11:30 AM


Evergreen Cemetery

1629 Bushwick Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11207

12:00 NOON – 3:00 PM




Please visit his Find-a-Grave memorial here.

8 responses to “The Passing of Dr. Marco Mason

  1. I agree with you. Dr. Mason was a real leader. He never held any public office, but he did more than many of those who have.
    My condolences to Dr. Mason’s family. I know his sister Maritza just passed away recently too.

  2. angela mason

    Thank you Ana. I am Marco’s sister Angela. While I am the “shy” sister and avoid publicity, my family and I appreciate the kind comments you and the public at large have to offer. Thanks again. Angela Mason

    • Carol Branche

      Good evening Angela. My name is Carol Branche and I am a member of Dr. Mason’s family. I live in Barbados and I met him at a family reunion. I am trying to reach his family. Unfortunately I was very young at the time and I do not have any contact information for his family. He was instrumental in documenting our family history and wanted to contact his family in the hope of obtaining this information. I have been scouring all the social media sites in the hope of finding a family member. Thanks in advance for any assistance that you may be able to offer.

  3. Beverly Cole Hester

    Marco and I attended High school in Panama. He was a very strong and inteligent leader for the other students to follow. Can your sister Claudette contact me via e-mail.
    Our deepest sympathy
    The Cole and Richardson family

  4. Waynee Countrey

    Dr Mason knew how to use the media to promote his causes. He was a real leader.

  5. Janice Smith-Fuller

    I was a friend of Dr. Mason when I lived in Brooklyn. Angela, I am sorry to hear about his death. I am also sorry to hear about your sister. Please contact me by email as I have some pictures of us and your parents when I used to visit in Brooklyn.

  6. Dr Neal Phillip

    As a young Professor at the City University of New York I met Marco at a USEPA Task Force meeting in Washington, DC. I was immediately impressed with his energy and drive and his ability to bridge the divide between communities and viewpoints. Condolences to his family.

    Dr Neal Phillip