The Silver People Law- An Important Update

This is a view of Corozal Cemetery looking from the "Silver" side over the fence to the "Gold" side, American Battle MOnuments (USA).

Some ancient graves at Corozal Cemetery are in very sad condition.

It is with true and deepest admiration for our Silver People forefathers that we have been inspired to take on the important task which now seems possible. I humbly admit that it was the God of our forefathers who clearly engineered this entire struggle today. However, I am not afraid to speak out and tell the truth that it was God who ordered me to “go fix them all,” meaning to recover, safeguard and restore our ancestral burial grounds in Panama.

The burial grounds we are proposing to come under national protection are not just regular cemeteries but important cultural repositories of our intangible cultural heritage and the significant past of our people and ethnic group for which the people of the world should be made aware and pay homage to.  We insist that if it weren’t for our ancestors, most countries of the world would not have been able to see our day in which such economic and social advancement has been achieved despite all the world’s warmongers and manmade ecological disasters.

It is our intent to also recover our dismantled intangible cultural heritage that still deserves a place on the Panama Canal Zone. For us, the once segregated Black Canal Zone is as important as the Casco Antiguo of the new Panama. The mission of the Silver People Heritage Foundation is not to reject the originators of the “Mi Pueblito Afro-Antillano” complex or any of those honest offers reconciling our ethnicity with the Panamanian citizenry. However, we do have an important and dynamic place in the history and culture of Panama and as such our citizenship participation has a long tradition.  Our place, as we have chronicled in our on line publications, attests to our active participation in the culture and history of the Panama we all love as our Madre Patria for we have no other that has been left to us as our main heritage.

We realize that it is the Spirit of God working His miracles that has allowed us to get this far and is solely responsible for the Initiative for Law No.151 being presented on the 26 of April 2011 to Panama’s National Assembly’s Permanent Commission on Education, Culture and Sports and discussed in the first of three debates.

We want to inform all the Silver People the world over that our proposed Law No. 151 has passed and been approved to continue for Second and Third Debates. The pundits at the Asamblea Nacional have informed us that if it passes the test of all these debates the Law will come before the entire Plenary of the Honorable National Assembly. Such a “Yes Vote” will finally bring into being a law that will make the resting places of our ancestors on the banks of the Panama Canal National Patrimony.

Our forefathers and the whole Silver Roll Community of yesterday and of today will need us all to ban together to bring into perpetual reality and recognition the names of all those Westindian souls who today are not remembered and who sacrificed to make the world a better place.  They will not only be recognized as National Monuments of Panama but also as World Monuments to Humanity and this will only take place if all of us band together in holy prayer.

It is with these sentiments that we urge you all not only to become supporters but to do more by joining our Foundation and assist us in putting on a united front. We are in need of financial help to help fray legal expenses which are much needed to become a recognized Patronato and Foundation as well. The moral assistance is in the pennies and dimes that you can organize the younger descendants to collect.

If you haven’t already done so, please read about us and our Silver People Heritage Foundation and encourage people of all persuasions to read about the history and cultural contribution left by our forefathers by clicking the Foundation link here and come face to face with the Silver People of Panama.

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6 responses to “The Silver People Law- An Important Update

  1. Beautiful!
    Roberto y Lydia: I will e-mail you to find out and brainstorm what can be done from over here.

  2. Anita,

    We’ve been wondering about you! Glad to see you back with us! Please do drop us a note. Where have you been?


  3. Renaldo Manuel Ricketts

    I shared this blog on facebook. The response was overwhelming. Some people are simply not aware that there are Black people with a rich history in Panama. Anytime you see TV ads promoting Panama you’ll never see anyone Black. I’ve seen TV shows promoting real estate in Panama, and have never seen anyone Black.

    People loved the fashion story with the African diasporan projection. I was able to educate people about Panama and show them a side of the country that goes unnoticed in the international marketplace. Many of the women loved the fashion shown and the pride the Panamanians have in their African heritage.

  4. black people has had a hand in everything on this planet you name it we have done it.yet forces are always trying to deny us all the credit we so rightly deserved.when i was a kid in the men were leaving their families in droves to go worked on that canal.

    • Miss Hurley:
      Your comment is a gem and a testimony to those times when Black Westindian people were a “multitude in our Panama.” It would be my pleasure to correspond with you in private so that we may include some accounts of your experiences seeing or hearing of men leaving with the aim of helpeing families back home in the Caribbean.
      We are presently detailing, if we can find them, the traces and occurances of those who remarried and have descendants still living here in Panama and other places.

      May God richlly bless you and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to peruse the Silver People Chronicle web pages and read more stories of the life and times of the Silver People Community of Panama.

      Roberto A. Reid

  5. My grandfather was from Barbados. Please keep the preasure on. The year 2014 is upon us; one hundred years (10o) and still no reward for these. What’s up with that? He died a poor man in 1942 in Gatun after so many years of service to the Zone. They had a small stamp commemorating the workers at one time, but it’s been out of circulation for a long time.

    Benilda Tillman

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