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The beginning of November in Panama always marks the start of Patriot Month, the celebration of Panama’s independence from Colombian rule.  It is also no accident that the 3rd of November celebration comes a day after All Soul’s Day or El Día de los Difuntos, the day to honor our dead.

We, at the Silver People Heritage Foundation, insist that our efforts in lobbying for the besieged resting places of our Silver forefathers are a valid expression of patriotic fervor.  Our Silver fathers and mothers were just as much Panamanian as anyone who laid down his life for the good of our Republic. We continue to hold onto the Horns of the Altar of the God of Jesus Christ, the God of truth and justice who has promised to recall all those upright souls whose names are written in the book of Life.

Our Law #348 has made it to 2nd Debate in the Plenary of Panama’s National Assembly and we ask that you continue to pray with us that it makes it to the Third and final debate before it is approved and voted in as the Law of the Land.  This would be a historic first and an official recognition of the grand legacy left by those brave souls coming from the Caribbean islands looking for a better life and new opportunities in Panama.

This week is also a time of the year when we see many Panamanians who are living abroad come to Panama to pay their respects to their ancestors buried in the former Silver Roll cemeteries of the Canal Zone area and the cemeteries within the Republic.  With increasing alarm they contact us and tell us how shocked they are by the state of total abandonment of these once beautiful burial grounds.  We concur with them and tell them how we were equally shocked several years ago and decided to do something about it by lobbying for our Silver People Law, just for starters.

For those of you who cannot make it to Panama from where you are, you can visit these cemeteries virtually (on the Internet) at the link here.  Our article for Gatun Cemetery on our Heritage page here has also become a forum for descendants of those buried there to honor them and give their location.   Please visit it and if you have an ancestor who is buried there we would be glad to include them.

Silver Corozal Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery (Monte Esperanza)

Gatun Cemetery

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