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The published article, On Who’s Backs,generated a lot of attention and many important and valid reactions.  This is a healthy sign for us as people who, in the past, had great difficulty communicating with each other as well as with their own children.  Fred Brooks accentuated this when he said, “This was the same divisive privilege that created a divide to this day…”  I might add that the divisiveness often took the form of rejection and disdain for having our eyes wide open.  I suffered it in the flesh for many years during my childhood.

Our Lord Jesus Christ put much store into essential conversation when he said, “…those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man…”  Your conversation says a lot about you and Jesus always looked to go to the kernel of what everyone’s thoughts were by eliciting their conversation.

Divia Forbes, a member of our Afro Heritage of Panama Group on Facebook, embodies what we have been trying to convey to so many of the descendants of the Silver People with such urgency.  She remarked in response to “On Who’s Backs”:

In keeping with the article, I must make reference to the paragraph that I have had many conversations with people of different age groups. How can you grasp the magnitude of this…. If folks can’t come together as a family, if folks can’t have conversations about the topic…. We should no longer want to live in this primitive way of thinking where we can only talk about “idle” conversations, or be quiet because their lives are empty from lack of knowledge of their own past lived by their parents/grandparents….. Learn more, Live more!!!!

This passage is the root of future conversations with our children…. Wake up people…. Live life with “eyes wide open!!!”

‘I can only imagine, because knowledge is limited and imagination is limitless; what it was like living in the condition our ancestors where forced to live under. I cannot begin to conceive the pain and suffering they had to endure, the magnitude of degradation they went through, but through that process, came us; a defined intermediate product. Well folks, it’s time to leave our mark, our legacy, our crater!’

We echo Divia’s passion in wanting our people to come out of the eerie darkness of triviality.  We agree, “Learn more, live more!”  In this amazing age of blogs and social media join us in putting it to more uplifting use in discovering our heritage.

This story continues.

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  1. Laura P.Thomas James

    The conversation continues as it has for the past 19 years at our (Panama Canal International alumni association, Inc PCIAA, Inc. on Sunday, June 3, 2012-Brooklyn, N. Y. 11230…PCIAA, INC. will sponsor their 20th Ecumenical Commemorative Service and Presentation of Awards on that date. PCIAA, INC membership is open to all former classmates and their family members -PCIAA, INC -68 Rogers Ave. (Suite B) Brooklyn, N.Y. 11216 e-mail pciaainc(at)aol.com. forward your e-mail or snail mail to the above address. Be a member today,,,,President Laura P. Thomas James PHS Class 1965..Join us today…

    • Dear Laura,
      We are happy to help all organizations both in Panama and abroad that are promoting our cultural heritage. You must remember, however, that Paraiso High School and The National Institute of Panama and Colegio Abel Bravo of Colon also have alumni associations and that we are just as interested in gaining their attention to the work that we at, The Silver People Heritage Foundation are doing.

      We are in need of emotional, spiritual and financial support (all we ask is a small donation) to continue with our calling to restore and preserve the precious legacy left to us by our ancestors. This means that we must continue to watch that our ancestral heritage sites like the cemeteries do not further deteriorate or are completely taken over by voracious private business groups. But, we have to be here and vigilant in Panama in order to do this and keep it going. Please pass this call to all your members. We pray for continued blessings for your organization and all that you do!