The Silver People Law Has Passed Third Debate!

The Law #348 to Declare our Silver Cemeteries National Historic and Cultural Patrimony in Panama’s National Assembly, was just passed into law yesterday March 1, 2012!

This is a big and historic milestone in Panama for official recognition of the contribution of The Silver People of Panama, aka the West Indian Panamanians.  Praise God for He always answers the prayers of all those who lean on His sustaining Grace!

5 responses to “The Silver People Law Has Passed Third Debate!

  1. Roberto: Thank God, and thanks to you and Lydia and all those who contributed toward this noble achievement .

    • Roberto-you’ve worked diligently for this moment and truly hope they take what you’ve presented to them. What you’ve done is monumental and carries great historical significance for this country. I have confidence in you and know you’ll make a profound and dynamic presentation when demonstrating these prudent facts about the Silver People. The plight of the Silver People is a heavy load for any man to carry. We stand behind you as soldiers on a battle field, flanked by our descendants in spirits. We’ve just begun to educate the Panamanian People; they shall be enlightened as they grow cognizant of the rich history that has been neglected and now resurrected. I’m quite confident the assembly will do the right thing and vote for the historic truth presented before them.

  2. Diana Nurse

    Thank you for been persistent behind this law, this is just one step ahead, we still have other thing to take care of but with you behind the wheel I know we will accomplish lots more.

  3. Indeed good news! Can you share a copy of the Law #348 on this website? If this new Historic and Cultural designation is in fact signed into law, does this mean, for example, that the West Indians that were buried at Corozal Cemetery prior to the Canal Treaty and the subsequent turn over to Panama, would no longer face the threat of been disinterred if somewhere down in time there are no family members to pay the $30 annual fee (really a tax) that was imposed by the Panamanian government after the turn over? The families have these West Indians buried at Corozal and the other Canal Zone cemeteries never had to pay any annual fee or tax to maintain the burial plots prior to the turn over to the Panamanian government.

  4. Augusto:

    You can look at the original text of the Law here on Scribd which also allows the reader to download a copy to study it better.

    In answer to your second question about protection of the burials against disinterment, we have instituted with our Foundation a perpetual fund raising campaign to insure the “perpetual” upkeep of these heritage burial sites which implies a lot of work i.e. restoration, preservation and 24 hour security which implies installing a perimeter fence and private security guards. As you know in Panama security has become a big problem and the cemeteries do not escape these kinds of threats. Another big set of threats is industrial/ commercial encroachment and Panama Canal expansion.

    With help from you, the descendants, as well as committed agencies and institutions, we can raise funds to help take care of these resting places. We are not employed by any government or private agency. We have taken on this responsibility at great sacrifice to ourselves to honor our honorable forefathers. So, please join us and send in donations, even if they are small; use the Paypal donation button or contact us for more information.