Afro Descendants of Latin America- Know Thyself Better

While we take some time off posting to do important lobbying work, meeting with officials and some backed up administrative work, check out some of the web sites and documents we have compiled below.  Some of them are extremely helpful and lead you to know the Diaspora and our Etnia Negra a little closer. 

Happy reading!  Discover more of yourselves and your brother men and women. Maybe we can turn around the nefarious effects of racism in the world by enriching our lives and, in the process, our friends, family and neighbors.  La Etnia Negra should be studied and re-discovered throughout the year and not just during the month of May.


Black in Latin America (a site) Nice site includes Prof. Gates wanderings and explorations of Blacks in Latin America including Brazil.

Afro Latinos: Very interesting site in English and Spanish.

It also has a page with links to web sites about and by Afro Latinos by COUNTRY here.

Legado Afro (SCCPE) Afro Latino and Caribbean News in Spanish)



Uruguay and Argentina:





Panama:  For sites on Panama’s Etnia Negra go to our Sites we recommend page above and dig further.  Of course our experiences on Rapsodia Antillana are unique.

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