The History of The Caribbean Series- Second Phase

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Before we move ahead with relating the second phase of the history of the Caribbean Series, we just want to wish all our fathers a very Happy Father’s Day.  There are still many devoted, loving, and consecrated – yes, consecrated- men who take their roll as a father, whether they are the biological progenitor or not, very seriously and do a marvelous job at it.  May God shower His blessings upon you.

In 1960, with the ascent of Fidel Castro to power in Cuba, his government prohibits the existence of professional teams in the country which effectively suspends the event known as the “Caribbean Series” for the next ten years.

In 1970, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican and Dominican leagues wanted to resume the event, which never got off the ground.  In 1971 the entry of the Mexican Pacific League representing Mexico was confirmed and from that year on “The Caribbean Series” resumes.

In this second phase, 1970-2010, The Dominican Republic becomes the most outstanding and triumphant country, with 19 titles, followed by Puerto Rico with 10, Venezuela 7 and Mexico with 6.  Of course, Cuba is significantly absent since 1960 and so is Panama.

Hector Lopez, in fact, was the last home run champion from Panama in that last Series of 1960.  For a wonderful graphic listing of The Caribbean Series’ venues and winning teams since its inception go here. In 1957 Winston Alfaro Brown, a truly underrated player from Almirante, Bocas del Toro, was the highlight pitcher for the Caribbean Series.  If anyone finds more information on him, please let us know.

In 1981 there was no series due to a baseball players’ strike. Since 2005, however, the intention of participating in the Caribbean Series was publicly voiced by Colombia and Nicaragua therefore leading those two countries to establish their respective professional baseball leagues to qualify for entry.

In 2008, during a meeting of the Caribbean Federation, a maximum period of four years for both countries to be represented in the Caribbean Series was agreed upon. At the same meeting the possibility of Cuba’s re-entry into the Federation was rejected as the regional body (the Federation) grants $50,000 to all the leagues to cover their expenses and Cuba’s demand of $100,000 was declined.

To all the fathers who are lucky enough to enjoy a baseball game with their kids we wish you many blessings and much joy!

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