You’ll Kill Him Juni!


I soon gained the advantage over my attacker for I had proven to myself to be stronger than he was. While doing the tug of war with him I now saw real fear in his eyes. His posture had changed from a charging gladiator trying to kill me, to one who was holding on to a weapon he couldn’t control and now he knew not what to expect. He had lost control over his own weapon and so I faked moving him around at my own will, moving him towards the stairway, the same stairway he had come down to kill me. Things happened fast as I moved him around as one who played with a toy doll. 

It’s uncanny how memories of events stay alive in a person whose will and intention is to hurt another human being. Now it was me who was about to use that stairway for destroying one whose intentions was to commit murder and not just to neutralize an opponent.

It was then that I felt how much stronger I had become in my nineteen year old body. As I moved him at will back and forth, making him think he had some control then taking back control as I moved him closer and closer to the overlapped stairway planks to just the right height of his neck. In the heat of battle I guided him, backwards and forwards, until I had him right where I wanted.

Just when the back of his neck hit the right angle I had been aiming for, I began to push harder, and with all the strength in my being I pushed him. At last I saw the results of my macabre strategy. He then began to struggle to get free and it gave me energy to see my sworn enemy as a stranger. I seemed to gather even more strength until he seemed to be hanging with me holding the galvanized pipe to his throat. It was then that he realized that I was not trying to take the galvanized rod away from his control, but to pin him until his throat or his whole body hurt him.

I had him pinned and he started to kick madly and to struggle harder as his eyes bulged out of his head in fear. At that point I would not let him go and I still felt myself becoming stronger. It was at this point that I felt really out of myself, because I seemed to hear someone calling my name from afar away place somewhere. In my frenzy I thought I’d seen the supervisor, Mr. Anderson, moved out of the way real fast when my opponent had come down the stairs armed with his weapon of choice to kill me. However, instead of moving to somewhere safe he had remained close. I did not see him, but I knew that it had been our supervisor yelling for me to spare his life.

“Juni, Juni, you are going to kill him!” he cried. At first I thought, “But he wanted to kill me! This man wants to kill me and I have to kill him first! That is what I have to do.” The older man simply kept yelling my name, “Juni, Juni, You are going to kill him, let him up, let him up!” I then glanced off for a second as my prey kicked wildly for his life. I had succeeded in pushing his body back into my direction and aimed to see the rest of his tongue out of his head.

Right then I saw the look of fear in Mr. Anderson’s face as he tried to yank the weapon out of my hands, still yelling out loud. I then saw how close I had come to killing that man. I eased up, and the supervisor yanked the weapon from my hands. The feeling of shame overtook me regarding the whole incident, witnessing as my so-called enemy, got smaller as he dropped to the cement floor panting and holding his neck. Recovering his composure, he tried to get away from us both, running upstairs to his room with his hand still holding his throat.

Nothing like that fight had ever happened to me before and so we remained under the house for a while, Mr. Anderson and I. He finally left but I had to sit down for some time trying to calm my emotions. The whole drama, however, had altered my emotions to such a degree that I realized that it had been a moment in my life that I had come close to killing another human being.

This story continues.

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