Dedicated to the Silver Women on Mother’s Day

The Clubhouse in Balboa around 1959, manned by a hard working Silver Woman.

The Clubhouse in Balboa around 1959, manned by a hard working Silver Woman.

Taking a well deserved pause from our chronicle we want to share a poetic tribute to our Silver Women on Mother’s Day.  This poem is provided, once again, by our resident poet, Mr. Louis Emanuel and it is especially dear to our hearts.

by Louis Emanuel

Strong willed, upright, faithful, dangerously bold
The Silver Woman, a formidable force to behold
Departed their homes, overtook a perilous road
Remaking their destinies, which was yet to unfold.

Defying the unexpected, for loved ones to be with
Whom previously departed, for a canal being built
An adventuress by nature, very unlikely to quit
To the isthmus they came, for rekindling and bliss.

Debarking in Panama, in a quest for their mates
Many reunited, thus sadly, others arrived late
Death ravaged, consumed, a number so great
Company tolls of then, incomplete at this date.

Many households created, with so little at hand
Tarried with meager means, for a desired plan
Determined, undaunted,a go-getter in this land
Employed, or at home, challenged every demand.

Silver women prepared, acquired the tools at reach
Became scholars, educators, many children to teach
Excelled in the medical, and scores of technical fields
Being lawyers, politicians, untold hurdles breached.

Ode to these great women, of now and yesterday
Whom paved a way, for our generations of today
For their drive, integrity, and endless loving ways
Give thanks to the Lord, they deserve our praise.

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