From A Double Cross to Success

Dr. Josephine De Croix Trust, founder of the Superet Church Movement, Her church helped me turn a double cross into success and some kind of sanity again.

Dr. Josephine De Croix Trust, founder of the Superet Church Movement, Her church helped me turn a double cross into success and some kind of sanity again.

It is a blessing to be back posting on our Chronicle after a brief hiatus especially after the culmination of Etnia Negra month.

Back to Colon and how I was feeling as a young man and unemployed in the fast deteriorating economy of the City of Colon. In addition to dealing with depression and desperation at not finding steady work I was also feeling spied upon by Pug. I felt like my every move was being reported to Pug who was tailing me around whenever she could. In my futile attempt at putting distance between our relationship and get her out of my life, I tried to get involved with other girls just to get her “out of my blood.” Well, Pug usually found out about those encounters also and didn’t hesitate to reproach me for it also.

One day, a couple days after work, I climbed the stairs to take some money I had earned to Pug to, of course, cover baby expenses. Suddenly, I see a guy I had never seen before walking towards quite menacingly but I managed to defuse his angry charge with words of reason. He immediately made me suspect that I had been double crossed by Pug, and I had guessed right. He was from Bocas Town, and he had my god daughter in tow. I would later find out that Pug had been sending messages to Bocas Town, reporting that I had confessed to her that I had been keeping company with his wife. Yes, I realize that was my foolish mistake but it hurt me to know that the woman I still loved had been double crossing me by sending messages to Bocas Town to set me up with a lot of trouble with this man.

During that time it seemed that Pug was increasingly jealous and would begin nagging me to take her out. She became so jealous, in fact, that she wanted to take vengeance on me. Sad to say, I even started to hate her and I vowed to never want to go to bed with her anymore. Our relationship degenerated into a mutual hatred. Since, as they say in Panama, “one nail removes another nail,” I decided to be fearless and pursue another date. She, however, rejected me and accused me of talking too much, when I declared to her that I was in love. That was when she and I parted company and she went and reported to her husband that I had been bothering her, putting my hands on her, touching her or something to that effect.

At any rate, during this time I would find a rescuing angel in the unlikely form of my Uncle Pinky who was in Colon from Panama City “on business.” He came knocking on the door to my room and when I answered I came face to face with my youngest, and probably, the most understanding of my uncles. He had probably found out where to find me from checking with Pug for she was a virtual detective agency in her own right. In his usual abrupt manner he said to me, “Come on for I need you to do me a favor.” That favor turned out to be the way I’d end up back in Panama City again away from the dismal outlook of Colon. So, I got in his old pickup truck with him and I was back in Panama City where I was born.

While I awaited news from the Education Ministry after submitting my school transcripts with word of my teaching appointment, I found myself taking refuge in some kind of “home church” that happened to be the newly blossoming “Superet Church.” By then I welcomed the atmosphere in this small church right at the border between Rio Abajo and Pueblo Nuevo since it helped me to stay away from the City of Colon, and avoid trouble. It helped rescue me from a double cross and a whole lot of complications in my life.

This story continues.

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