A Couple and Baby Makes Family

Maybe now as a couple with a new baby we would be considered a family. Image: Pinterest


At that turning point in my life I was even considering returning to live my aunts and grandmother from whence I had vowed I would never return rather than face my new responsibilities for another human being.  I  wanted to avoid becoming involved with my paternal side of the family. In my immaturity I blamed that Chinese Silver Roll Princess I had gotten involved with for being the cause of me leaving my grandmother’s care while I worked in Colon to pay for our Bocas adventure.  But now we were a couple.

But the time in between had come and gone since our union saw her calmly accepting her grandparents and her family’s claim that her pregnancy was surely mine. Although she was a minor, I was showing signs of maturity, even accepting her rejecting attitude.

One day Pug found me in good spirits and she followed me to Calidonia with the baby in tow.  The three of us arrived and she was a hit from the start in that Silver  Calidonia neighborhood.  In that year 1956, Calidonia was very much still Silver Roll territory with West Indians leaving and arriving continuously to and from the Caribbean islands looking for work or to connect with relatives or friends.   Since the Magnolia building crowd was never too far from the Twenty Five Street,I stayed near the Central Avenue spot that we  all loved before all of us migrated to the States.

And so together as a couple, I introduced Pug to our Panama City of Calidonia which she soon got to know.  This being her second time venturing into a Panama City neighborhood, it was like a tour into unfamiliar country.  But,  the hour drew near for me to send her back to the Colon that she knew. However, true to her character she became obstinate and took on the attitude of a demanding little Queen; an attitude I knew so well.

The way she handed the baby around to the different adolescent girls in the small room in which they sat chit chatting troubled me. At first I had made plans for her stay with my grandmother, so I took her over to my grandmother’s place hoping there wouldn’t be problems.

By then she wasn’t hiding the fact that we were intimate, but on that day away from her aunts and her mother in Colon, she acted as though we were still not intimate and she was still a little girl.  I was observing her attitude and although I had ample evidence that I wasn’t the only male circling around her straight from Colon, Bocas and now Panama City I never pressured her to discus the matter of the child she was carrying in arms, pretending it was mine. On the contrary, I accepted the paternity stuck on me and had taken her to meet my friends.

So, here we were in the Calidonia home of one of my classmates that I often visited, Elena Mclean,  I always felt  welcomed at her home, even if we were not exactly primary or secondary school classmates together.  The three of us sat there in her living room acting like the picture of a young little family.

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