The Silver People Law

On this page we have provided links to pages detailing our efforts at promoting our historic Bill of Law in Panama’s Legislative Assembly introduced in the National Assembly of Panama outlining these demands.
The Bill finally passed into Law on March 1, 2012.  We have labeled it The Silver People Law or Ley Silver People in Spanish and our intention is to formalize historic issues in our demand for the rescue, protection, restoration and safeguarding of the cultural properties and the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Panamanian community known as the Westindians or The Silver People of the Black Panama Canal Zone and the Urban Barrios.

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1.  The Silver People Law

2.  Ley Silver People de Panamá

3.  Declaration as Historic Patrimony- Corozal Silver, Gatun and Mount Hope Cemeteries in Panama

4.  Hear this!  Here we provide a link to an audio clip of our presentation before the Honorable Legislators (Diputados) of The Commission on Education, Culture and Sports of the National Assembly of the Republic of Panama.  Note:  Please be patient and wait for the audio clip to start after you click on the audio bar (in yellow).  It will only take a half second to load.


7 responses to “The Silver People Law

  1. La Boca Town, an endearing and forever place, that I will never forget as long as I live! I got to see it before it burned down!
    It no longer boasted the proud and hard working race that once prevailed, but for me it was the greatest of a community, that aspired to work hard at no matter what! Hell, I thought we were middle class! 🙂 I came to the USA telling people that the blacks in Panama had a good sense of being, and knew who and where they came from and were proud of it! Being poor in Panama was fun! because we lived within our means! and made this look easy! I cherished the sense of pride that was instilled in me, which I still carry about myself! Proud to tell anyone about my humbled origins!

    • Dolores, This was beautiful and your comment came across poetically as a tribute to a once “proud and hard working race.” We hope that you encourage others, particularly those of the younger generation, to come and read about the Silver People of Panama. Thank you so much for this tribute from from a a child of La Boca Town.

  2. Thank you for your welcomed omemcnt and we love to make people lovers of history also- especially this history. When we first started this chronicle we actually didn’t think there was so much information available in addition to the authors own reminiscences, but the more we dig, the more we find. )

  3. It’s a necessity to keep our this history alive

  4. This site is a treasure! Thank you for sharing your history, your family, friends, community, and love of Panama!

  5. Interesante

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