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Something about us

Our blogs and web sites focus on the historical presentation of the Silver People Panama, cultural group also known as the Panamanian West Indians. Our Organization, The Silver People Heritage Foundation, was born out of our desire to preserve the contribution of this large group of workers from the Panama Canal, whose history dates back to the time of the construction of the Panama Railroad from 1849 to 1855, and later the grand project of the construction of the Canal of Panama 1904-1914.

We are looking to rescue and highlight the important historical contribution made of this large group of people and their descendants who have left an indelible mark in our beautiful country.

Our audience of readers and buyers is composed of the descendants of Afro-Antillanos and Panamanians abroad, of old Zonian, writers, historians and researchers of all kinds, and people of all nationalities looking for travel to or retiring in Panama. The majority of our readers come from the United States, Panama, Central America and Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, the islands of the Caribbean, the India and China.

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