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Dancing Nights in Colon

The first time I went to a dance in Colon was because most everyone I knew at school had reassured me that they were going to be there. So, I asked Pug to go with me but she refused, averring that she wasn’t really a dancer. It would have been the first dance in which I would meet some of my classmates socially, so I was eager to go. Continue reading

Our Life of Glamour in Colon

I would first meet different groups of Abelistas in, of all places, the shop classes. In fact, I loved all the shops available at the time at Colegio Abel Bravo. Since it was one of the original goals of the school’s founders, we were given the opportunity to experience all the trades for soon we would have to make up our minds about what trade we would dedicate ourselves to. Continue reading

Profesor Carlos Grant

Profesor Carlos Grant

Profesor Carlos Grant

My days at trying to become a “Real Colon Boy” would make all the goings on at Abel Bravo fascinating and dazzling. I settled down to days filled with normal school work, finally.

But my relationship with my new girl friend and my collection of new street friends who seemed to be over joyed to have me around as one of their regular friends buoyed my once depressed spirit. I was now captured and claimed by this school and by the teen crowd as one of them. But, I was also claimed by China as her steady boyfriend and for once I started to feel like I was “home.” Continue reading

A Colon Baptism

Baptism of an older child.  Image thanks to

Baptism of an older child. Image thanks to

I came home one afternoon intending to speak to my mother Rosa Green about being “employed” and how I’d found a positive opportunity to work and still attend school. However, since I hadn’t really started work as yet, I didn’t want to compromise my money which I saw as a way of insuring my survival. Considering that since I’d be able to make some change, I was looking for some way to help my mother. Continue reading

My First Paid Job

Rubbing compound did a good job of filling in sratches, rough spots and leaving the car with a gleaming shine. Image thanks to

Rubbing compound did a good job of filling in scratches, rough spots and leaving the car with a gleaming shine. Image thanks to

School work at Abel Bravo College coupled with our choir practice was taking over much of my time. However, thanks to a special competition,  I would radically change my perspective on my classes, my vocation in life and on my classmates.

One morning, Professor Coite, the music teacher, announced that he was about to return our essays on the great German musician Johann Sebastian Bach, which he had asked us to write.  He started to read off the list of the three best writers in our “Cuarto B” class who would be required to read their work before some visiting dignitaries from the Ministry of Education within a few days. Continue reading

The First Date With China

Since that first chance meeting with China and our encounters thereafter, her mysterious ways kept me fascinated. To just hear her speak in West Indian, however, would be the deciding factor that made me fall in love with her and, ultimately, make her my first wife. It was a rare novelty and contrast to me, and I guess to everybody who met her, to hear West Indian English coming out of the mouth of this gorgeous little young Chinese looking girl.

Continue reading