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A Couple and Baby Makes Family

Maybe now as a couple with a new baby we would be considered a family. Image: Pinterest


At that turning point in my life I was even considering returning to live my aunts and grandmother from whence I had vowed I would never return rather than face my new responsibilities for another human being.  I  wanted to avoid becoming involved with my paternal side of the family. In my immaturity I blamed that Chinese Silver Roll Princess I had gotten involved with for being the cause of me leaving my grandmother’s care while I worked in Colon to pay for our Bocas adventure.  But now we were a couple. Continue reading

A Career Turn Around

Even today Panama’s Criminal Justice system is under heated scrutiny.  Thank God my dealings with them over my Uncle did not effect my future career goals.

During these crucial times of considering my career options, whether to push to get on the Governor’s list of teacher appointees for the Province of Bocas del Toro or to travel to New York City at my father’s beckoning to obtain employment there, I was asked to do a favor for my Aunt Elsie. Continue reading

Getting My Freedom Back

I was struggling ti get free of this Chinese girl. Image of handcuffs thanks to Morguefile.

I was struggling ti get freedom  from this Chinese girl. Image of handcuffs thanks to Morguefile.

Throughout this time of setting up my garage routine and taking in new customers I never lost sight of regainng my freedom, I had placed Pug- La China- on the back burner. She had, however, been stepping up her visits from Colon to see me to pick up money for herself and the baby. Her attitude hadn’t changed, however. She continued to generate stories about me mistreating her- all lies- just to hold it over my head. Remembering how she had damaged my peaceable relationship with the whole of the Westindian community in Bocas, thus forcing us to leave, I tried to keep her visits as short and cool as possible. I would just hand her some money for the baby on the nights that she did come as I saw her step down from the bus in front of the garage.  Continue reading

The Mysterious Letter

Image of mystery letter thanks to

Image of mystery letter thanks to

As  Ma Bea handed me the mystery missive from my father she then continued saying, “You write ya fada chile, For I have this letter a long time and Albert he keep telling me he could not find you no where. You write to ya fada, you hear!” She implored making me become the sole witness to a part of my life that I had sooner forget than rush into. I, however, would listen to that saintly woman, who had witnessed the opening of paths in my life and I would have never disregard what she had been saying to me. Continue reading

Back to Troubled Reality

Typical Colon Balcony, probably the most beautiful in the whole Republic. Image thanks to

Although I was back to my troubled reality I could still enjoy the beauty of Colon. Typical Colon Balcony, probably the most beautiful in the whole Republic. Image thanks to

I had gotten up late that morning and hoped to make it to the open Market fonda in the middle of Colon City for something to eat and I sighed as I awoke that it was back to troubled reality.  As I passed by some of my street friends, I  wondered why they were  congregated at the side door of the Twelfth  Street entrance to the Bar.  I stopped there before I continued on my way. But one of the guys at the side door had spied me and called me over. Continue reading

A Very Forgettable Wake

Entrance to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Colon, Republic of Panama.

Entrance to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Colon, Republic of Panama.

But, Miss Ethel Levy’s wake would turn out to be a revealing one for me in particular. It was attended by mostly her family and close friends crowded into the Chapel at the Mount Hope Cemetery. I never did look forward to these things and the actual viewing of my close friend’s remains was brief. So I hung out outside together with my acquaintances listening to the Albert “Nick” Brown the tailor- Miss Levy’s only son- give a running account of the events leading up to his mother demise. Continue reading