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Jesus Christ the Good Obeah Man

Here is the newspaper photo of young Rannie McAlmon who drowned at Gorgona Beach on July 4 1946.

Back in the days of my youth when I knew nothing at all about religion and I was introduced to churchgoing by my paternal grandmother and aunts, I came up with the idea that Jesus Christ was the good Obeah Man. Continue reading

Caribbean Beji-Nite and the Santeria That I Knew

This is a typical store-front Botánica in New York,
this one in Brooklyn. Botánicas are icons of the
African derived religious expression amongst
Latino Caribbean people. However, many people
now seek to understand this misunderstood
religion. Image

Even before that year of 1974 when I returned to Panama, the land “where my navel-string is buried,” the idea of seeking out one of those Queen Mothers or real Westindian matriarchs of the Beji-Nite churches, had been on my mind. By the time we were ready to leave New York City a phrase that had become an integral part of my search would haunt me on the long road especially at night since we were traveling to Panama by road. Continue reading