My Family


We have provided this page for everyone to find the wonderful stories and histories behind my family made up of the Reid and Green clans and all the other offshoots of our large tribe.  The page is especially dedicated to our new found family in Canada and the U.K. so they can re-connect with the once “missing link” part of the Reid clan.  We will be adding more to this list as we find more of our articles relating to our family.  Just click on the link of your choice and enjoy!

Joshua Austin and Fanny Elizabeth Reid (my paternal grandparents):

Interview With a Panama Canal Zone Silver Survivor

A Widow and a Sack of Onions

A Tribute to My Grandfather, Joshua Austin Reid

Joshua Austin Reid- From Dispensary Director to New Dangers

The Silver Townships- Paraiso, CZ Pt. 1

The Westindian Panamanian Roots- Recalling My Grandfathers

A Tribute to a Man of Substance- Epitaph to Joshua Austin Reid

Taking Refuge at My Grandmother’s Feet

A Westindian Story at Grandmother’s Feet

My Auntie Berenice Charles (Reid):

Auntie and Her Sleeping Sickness- Part I

My Auntie’s Sleeping Sickness- Part II

Uncle Eric J. Reid:

My Uncle Eric Before Me

Eric’s Spirit Followed Closely

To Be Young, Gifted and Westindian

My Baby Sister Lidia Reid

Death of Baby Lidia

Death in the Barrio