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My Father is Looking for Me


I had to admit that Pug would not have made a “Good Wife,” not then nor ever for me. But then, I had to further admit that I had been looking at our lives through my own experience with women.  The truth was that I was overwhelmed with that hidden side of my life, that I had been growing up with experiences gained mostly from Westindian women.  Continue reading

A Change of Plans

After the incident with my neighbor, I was left feeling vulnerable and somewhat shaken and I began planning to leave the area with my wife and baby.  Disillusioned now with my entire experience I started devising how I would leave as this trip to Bocas, ever since I had taken Pug to live with me  in Baseline, had turned out to be a pack of trouble for me after all. I had been working hard since the first week we got to Bocas under the hot sun, torrential rains and I felt I had recovered my health and strength so it seemed the time was right. Continue reading

You’ll Kill Him Juni!


I soon gained the advantage over my attacker for I had proven to myself to be stronger than he was. While doing the tug of war with him I now saw real fear in his eyes. His posture had changed from a charging gladiator trying to kill me, to one who was holding on to a weapon he couldn’t control and now he knew not what to expect. He had lost control over his own weapon and so I faked moving him around at my own will, moving him towards the stairway, the same stairway he had come down to kill me. Things happened fast as I moved him around as one who played with a toy doll.  Continue reading

What’s With the Neighbor?

During this time that I had some money stashed away in my pocket, that I had been keeping for our upkeep for another couple of weeks. I had considered using it for leaving Bocas to return to Colon and, from there, getting lost somewhere in Panama City. On second thought, however, I thought it better to wait until the newborn baby was older before forcing us to travel.

I also decided not to spend any more money on purchasing things to make us a home since I foresaw that Pug and I would each one go our separate ways. The fact was that I did not see in her a readiness to grow up and I was still angry about how things had turned out between us. I lived in constant uncertainty as to what other commitments she had made with people that would force me to be in front of the Corregidor again. Continue reading

Getting Along With Baseline Neighbors


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The policeman and I walked along in silence until we got back to my room, picked up the money I had so carefully saved away for weeks and left again for the long walk back to the Corregiduria. During the walk the young Westindian policeman asked, “Are you the same Juni from San Miguel in Panama?” “Yes!” I exclaimed dryly, annoyed by all the walking I had to do that day.  “I didn’t recognize you at first…” he confessed and I held my breath. “But then I recognized you right away!”

After that revelation we walked back to the Corregiduria to find the functionary in the middle of hearing the neighbor’s accounts of me and my wife causing a living hell in the neighborhood. Continue reading

It’s a Boy!

The baby was received in grand style.  Image thanks to

The baby was received in grand style. Image thanks to

“Hey Reid the boss want to see you!” one of the guys said. It seemed as though everyone I met that evening had been told to let me know that the Boss wanted to see me. And so, before I appeared at the evening meal I stopped at his house and knocked on the door. Even before he opened the door completely he was, like a happy grandfather, telling me, “It’s a boy and the muchacha is doing well also!” “Thank you Señor for everything,” I said barely believing my ears. “I am going to see if I can bring them home tonight,” I promised. “You take a few days off and stay with your family,” said the boss in an affectionate tone.  Continue reading