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The Rush is On

My hopes were set high on being admitted to the Instituto Nacional. Image thanks to parentingainteasy.com

I had been  estranged from the neighborhood kids for some two summer vacations that I could remember.  I had been too preoccupied with nursing an old friend, and this summer the fracas with Rico had catapulted my reputation to a recognized “good boxer” status. Since then, however, I became known for being a reclusive kid. I neither discussed any of my activities with any of the neighborhood kids nor kept any of the teenagers from the area as close companions.  It just came to me as my best action plan to stay out of trouble. Continue reading

Self Esteem

Silky Strate" was one of many hair straighteners which promised to solve the kinky hair problem. It was sold in Novedades Yankee in Panama City and Botica Kipping in Colon.

The “Black and White” brand of cosmetics was
one of the first to offer their face powders, lipsticks,
and makeup in colors complimentary to darker
shades of skin.

The school year of 1951-52 would find me, a basically lonely adolescent boy, remembering to write down all the Westindian neighbors I had met upon arriving to live in Magnolia Building since 1943. That would be significant for me in more ways than one especially since I would suffer a dramatic change in the loss of my sister. She didn’t die but she might as well have since she ran away from our house where we lived with our paternal Aunts and my grandmother to go live with our mother in Colon. Continue reading