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The Children Martyrs of Panama

Image thanks to our friends at Telemetro.

Image thanks to our friends at Telemetro.

Every year in Panama our calendar begins with the commemoration of one of the most significant historical events of the twentieth century, The Day of the Martyrs of January 9, 1964. According to some historians and to those participants who survived the patriotic manifestation, the events of that fateful day created a ‘horizon of expectation’ that culminated in the country’s decolonization, territorial integration and the reversion of the Panama Canal to Panamanian hands in 1999. Continue reading

Patriots of the Nation

Not as widely known Colon also had its martyrs.

We insist that the youngsters who were martyred on January 9, 1964 were not delinquents, nor rabble rousers nor vagabonds as many would have the world believe in an effort to blot out their memory. Continue reading