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Our Life of Glamour in Colon

image thanks to lovetoknow.com

Dancing to the greatest bands in our glamour shoes. image thanks to lovetoknow.com

I would first meet different groups of Abelistas in, of all places, the shop classes. In fact, I loved all the shops available at the time at Colegio Abel Bravo. Since it was one of the original goals of the school’s founders, we were given the opportunity to experience all the trades for soon we would have to make up our minds about what trade we would dedicate ourselves to. Continue reading

The End of An Era

My grandfather, Seymour Green, left me an old Panama Hat like the one pictured.

My grandfather, Seymour Green, left me an old Panama Hat like the one pictured.

Colon by the draw of 1953 was, in fact, witnessing the end of an era, another big period of transition in the lives of our Silver People. Personally, my own experiences would become landmarks, though tragic they might have been from my perspective since I had also taken on the role of an observer who needed not to be writing at that particular time in our history as a people. My memory served me well and I really believed that I had been blessed with a unique ability to remember details of my times in Panama and our history would prove to me that it was for a purpose. Continue reading

The First Date With China

Since that first chance meeting with China and our encounters thereafter, her mysterious ways kept me fascinated. To just hear her speak in West Indian, however, would be the deciding factor that made me fall in love with her and, ultimately, make her my first wife. It was a rare novelty and contrast to me, and I guess to everybody who met her, to hear West Indian English coming out of the mouth of this gorgeous little young Chinese looking girl.

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My Point of Serenity

My new neighbors in La Playita were surprisingly up to date on all the happenings in the Canal Zone, as their fathers and grandparents had been. They would bring to the beach the up-to-the-minute news as to what was occurring amongst the Silver Roll employees. Anyone who would happen to visit La Playita would, at any given moment, be quickly informed as to what was current regarding the politics of the American Zone as well as that of Panama City’s and Colon’s.

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The Doll With the Gold Teeth

The insistent knocking had irritated me so that I decided to go see who it was who dared intrude upon my peace and quiet. I had no intention of dallying at the door with whomever was there and I thought hard before I put my hand on the lock to open the door. Instead, I looked through the cracks of the window and, lo and behold, there stood this beautiful Chinese girl who was just about ready to abandon her mission and walk off. Continue reading

Speak Spanish!

Image thanks to thoughtfulindia.com

Image thanks to thoughtfulindia.com

We West Indian Panamanians are remarkable survivors and pretty soon I was socializing freely with the rest of the youth at Abel Bravo giving the school that singular air of Panamanian-ness.  Only in Panama could you find this mixture of people all living and trying to study harmoniously under one roof. That is, until racism would start to rear its ugly head. Continue reading