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Grandmother Shows Up- Almirante Hospital

Image of Almirante Hospital.

Image of Almirante Hospital, thanks to slideshare.

I’d been at work at the dairy ranch getting things ready for the routine of morning milking by hand of about fifteen noisy cows. As was usual with them they had bellowed since first light for attention to their full utters. I immediately noticed that when I appeared in the cow stable to milk them they instinctively knew and quieted down. Suddenly the boss lady called me away from my duties to come up to to the big house and when I got there she became very talkative while I remained quiet. Continue reading

The Baby is Coming

I almost drowned in a drainage ditch similar to this one.  Image.

I almost drowned in a drainage ditch similar to this one. Image.

Most of my companions at work had heard about how I’d been challenged to a street fight, and I figured so had the Corregidor. So, here I was in the middle of a predicament, being hated by most of my Westindian neighbors without meriting it. In fact, it made me sad, the fact that I had done nothing to merit such treatment.

I hadn’t been getting the true story from my wife either, who kept very busy running up debts for me ordering clothing from those same neighbors without letting me know about what she was doing. The trouble my next door neighbor was planning did not materialize so I had time to devote entirely to my wife. Continue reading