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Dance With Me

Image thanks to metacolor.org

Image thanks to metacolor.org

Once I was back in Colon I resumed my secret passion- dancing! I became interested all over again in going dancing following the radio promotions for dances to be held in Colon. I gathered the nerve to ask my buddy Nick to loan me a jacket to attend a pretty hot dance that was coming up. I had, in fact, begun to replace most of my Sunday best clothing that I had lost in Bocas. Taking a good look in the mirror I also became aware that I hadn’t had a decent hair cut since my odyssey in Bocas and now, it seemed, I must have appeared pretty menacing. Continue reading

The Problem of Culture in Panama

This is a sample cartelera from a Latin American tour. Image from holidayonice.com

Right now I am involved in workshops at the National Assembly’s Commission on Education, Culture and Sports to hammer out a law (Proyecto de Ley #416) that would transform our beleaguered and under-funded INAC (Instituto Nacional de Cultura) into a full Ministry.  It was long overdue in my opinion. Continue reading

The Evolution of Barrio Musicians

Image thanks to www.csarmy.org

I’ve held on to the subject of my experience with the Instituto Nacional marching band because, as I’ve come to find out, it is a topic near and dear to us the Westindian kids who grew up in Panama. Continue reading

The “Pasos” of Good Dancing

Image thanks to 4everdancing.com

By 1950 we were nearing half a century of Republican life and, from first hand knowledge, the youths of the country were already demonstrating an angry countenance that reflected Barrio poverty and the meager futures that awaited us. Continue reading

Armando Boza- Musician and Orchestra Director Extraordinaire. Part II

Armando Boza accompanies Beny More.

Armando Boza in a classic group photo.

Images thanks to www.mambo-inn.com .

In June of 1958, Cuban singer and composer, Beny Moré (Bartolomé Moré) arrived in Panama to give radio and live presentations in the capitol and in the interior of the country.

When Beny discovers that Armando Boza was in the country he immediately requests that he be backed by his orchestra since Boza had accompanied him during two previous “Carnavals” in Panama with resounding success. The same thing happened in Lima when Boza backed Beny up along with Cuban pianist Rolando Columbie. This is just a glimpse into the quality of Boza’s performance as a professional musician. Continue reading

Armando Boza- Musician and Orchestra Director Extraordinaire. Part I

This is Armando Boza and his original La Perfecta. He is the standing figure in the middle. Image thanks to Critica.com

It is indeed difficult to follow up someone like Victor Boa but with all the buzz about Jazz in Panama this week, when Panama is again (for the seventh year) hosting the Panama Jazz Festival, only the great Armando Boza was a fitting profile to come next. Continue reading