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Honoring The Fiestas Patrias

Cobblestone streets in front of the entrance to Sal Si Puedes in Santana.

That year of 1952 I’d become aware of just how much pleasure the two days of patriotic activity had given me and a real sense of joy for the first time. This was the first time in my life in which I was not only a part of a grand public ceremony but I had also been included in a highly honored civic observance. Continue reading

The Police Got Juni! Part 1

Delicious, fresh fried Bakes, an easy meal for a hungry youngster. Image thanks to Beautiful Grenada.com

Surcie bush in its natural setting.
Also known as Balsamina in Panama and
Cundeamor in the rest of the Caribbean.
Image thanks to our dear friends at
Look for Diagnosis

I had arrived at a point where I was becoming ever more aware of the relationships and commitments I was immersed in as a child and the milieu in which I lived. My experiences with my immediate family and the make-up of the community regarding my person, however, still appeared confusing to me. Continue reading

The 1941 Constitution- The Political Backdrop

Arnulfo Arias Madrid

By the time I was born during the mid-1930’s the political climate in the small Republic of Panama was heating up to fever pitch and the racist and xenophobic tide in popular attitudes found their greatest exponent in one particular spokesman. Arnulfo Arias Madrid was born in Penonomé, the capital of Coclé province in western Panama on August 15, 1901. Upon being awarded a government scholarship he went to high school in Binghamton, New York, and then attended the University of Chicago and Harvard University which awarded him a medical degree. Continue reading