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The Day The Black Redeemer Was Excommunicated


The notion that the Redeemer of Israel would appear as a “Black Christ” and also a Nazarite, one who is consecrated to the Lord our God, was not always an acceptable idea to the Princes and Kings of the Re-conquest.

Even more significantly, that He should be an only son who would be sent to suffer and be humiliated and prove to be for sinful humankind a redeemer, one whom we of the enslaved African masses of America would worship and would love even more profoundly than the Virgin Mother herself, was positively anathema to many of the rulers of the Universal Church. Continue reading

The Black Christ of Portobelo: Lasting Impressions


As the yearly celebration of the Black Christ of Portobelo begins to enter into Panama’s collective psyche, I begin to draw mental pictures, as an artist would of this whole scene that is an intimate part of our folklore and spiritual heritage and is very much Panamanian. Continue reading

The Black Christ and the Black Madonna

This is a scanned image of the Black Christ of
Portobelo, Panama.
The Black Madonna and Christ Child ofBreznice (Prague)

As the 21st of October approaches, devotees of the Black Christ of Portobelo dressed in their purple robes and “mandas” can already be spotted on their pilgrimage to the small but now universally famous town on the Atlantic coast. Rest assured as we get closer to the date of the festivities hundreds, even thousands, will join them from all over the country and, indeed, all over the world. Continue reading