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Black Ethnicity Month Celebration in Panama 2017- Itinerary

The Etnia Negra Procession in Rio Abajo/ parque Lefevre 2017

Allow us to share the preliminary Etnia Negra activity announcements in the month of May for 2017 Continue reading

What Have We Got to be Proud of?

Image thanks to SITC USA

Not long ago a reader left a brief but cutting comment, a question really, “Black Ethnicity, what have we got so much to celebrate?  I hate black.”  Normally we dump these hateful reminders of people who still exist who find it easier to say “I hate…”  We published it with a response here and we promised ourselves we would take up this question of pride in future posts. Continue reading

How Numerous Are the Blacks of Panama?

Rio Abajo, one of the most populous districts of Panama City with a high concentration of Black residents, just celebrated their Black Ethnicity Day Celebration parade – Desfile de la Etnia Negra– with resounding success. Continue reading

Black Ethnicity Celebration in Panama

Panama’s Black community promises to offer some new and exciting events for the month of May in its Celebration of Black Ethnicity.  Panama is preparing to welcome representatives from African countries and their descendants in the first Afro Festival 2012 organized by government as well as non-governmental organizations. Continue reading

Armando Fortune- ‘Without the Black Race, Panama Would Not be Panama’

Image thanks to the Biblioteca Nacional

Were it not for the intellectual and literary legacy of Professor Armando Fortune (1921-1979) we of the Afro Panamanian ethnic group of Panama – especially the West Indian Panamanian group- would not be celebrating Black Ethnicity month today. Continue reading

U.N. International Year for People of African Descent

With increasing insistence our readers have reminded us of the ever more urgent interest on the topic of Black Ethnicity especially in regions such as our Central and South America and the Caribbean Basin which, recognize it or not, the United States forms a part of.  In fact, there is a great deal of interest on this subject coming from not only Black people but from all quarters and all races that we have had to take full notice. Continue reading