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Afro-Centric Fashion

This beautiful model is from BHF Contemporary African Fashion Magazine.


Today we are seeing a healthy and positive trend within fashion circles in that the theme of Black Ethnicity is clamoring to define itself and stand out and be noticed as a people with a rich culture, art and history. Continue reading

Music, Dance and Black Ethnicity in Panama

The beautiful Panamanian Pollera in its different variations. Image thanks to Anelsalas at wikipedia.

In studying Black Ethnicity in Panama, where much of this little known history and culture has only very recently been treated with the seriousness it deserves, we invariably get into discussing music and dance.

We, at the Chronicle, especially, have a dual pleasure in probing the two obvious artistic expressions that have evolved from the two most prominent Black groups, the Afro-Antilleans and the Afro-Coloniales– the English/French and the Spanish.  We’ll briefly discuss the Spanish Black musical expression first. Continue reading

The Evolution of Panama’s Black Ethnicity Day Celebration

Some groups of teachers and students proudly display their Etnia Negra fashion.

As the month of May approaches, we want to divert our attention momentarily from our chronicle and focus on the coming Black Ethnicity Day Celebrations here in Panama.

Although the undeniable presence of the Black African race has been genealogically, culturally and linguistically evident in Panama since before it became a Republic, it is only recently that real attempts have been made to recognize it in a significant way. Continue reading