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My Extended Family

I prayed against the eruption of the emotional volcano. Image thanks to The Telegraph.

I followed my stepfather outside into the hallway of the building and he said, “Hey son, please tell me what I can do for you,” his eyes insistent, and then he said, “I dont have time now but think about it and when I return home, you know…? I am not trying to rush things but if you need anything just talk to me. I dont want you to be worrying; you just concentrate on your studies.” That last order gave me occasion to stop and think. Continue reading

A New Awakening

Image thanks to Child Crisis Center

A quiet night’s sleep seemed to be all I needed to rest my battered emotions and forget a lifetime of physical and verbal abuse. The dawn of that next day in Colon felt like I was in a foreign country and as I opened my sleepy eyes I was met by the adoring glances of some little fans, small frye who had been ogling at their older brother for some time. Continue reading

Together Again!

I was blessed to be reunited once again with my step dad Bobby Grant a few months before his decease. He had reached the ripe old age of 95 years. Rest In the arms of Jesus, Bobby.

We were able to get a smile out of him.

I was now in Colon and wondering if I would be able to recognize that part of the city while managing to cling to that simple cardboard box as if I were ready to give my life for it and its contents.  All it contained were some of my meager possessions, things belonging to a sad teen like used note books, two or three changes of clothing, primarily underwear and the like. I was still prepared to return to the home of my grandmother and my aunts in Panama City if need be, but only some time in the future to pick up more of my clothing, things like my new marching band uniform and some shirts I would need to use for school in Colon. Continue reading

The Passing of a “Silverman”- Bobby Grant

“Bobby” Grant, William Evans Grant Lescano
1912-2008 Rest in the Peace of Our Lord
Bobby, my step father, and Me in our happy reunion after many years.

On the 18th day of April of 2008, Mr. William Evans Grant Lescano passed on and was laid to rest in Mount Hope Cemetery on the 21st of April of this year of Our Lord. He was lovingly known as “BobbyGrant to all the people of the Westindian community of the City of Colon. Continue reading