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Getting My Freedom Back

I was struggling ti get free of this Chinese girl. Image of handcuffs thanks to Morguefile.

I was struggling ti get freedom  from this Chinese girl. Image of handcuffs thanks to Morguefile.

Throughout this time of setting up my garage routine and taking in new customers I never lost sight of regainng my freedom, I had placed Pug- La China- on the back burner. She had, however, been stepping up her visits from Colon to see me to pick up money for herself and the baby. Her attitude hadn’t changed, however. She continued to generate stories about me mistreating her- all lies- just to hold it over my head. Remembering how she had damaged my peaceable relationship with the whole of the Westindian community in Bocas, thus forcing us to leave, I tried to keep her visits as short and cool as possible. I would just hand her some money for the baby on the nights that she did come as I saw her step down from the bus in front of the garage.  Continue reading

The Parting

Wise woman

That day, as we walked home from the picnic with the Seventh Day Adventist community, Pug become talkative, wanting to open up a conversation with me that she had apparently been rehearsing with herself for a while. “Juni,” she said carefully, “I want to discuss something with you but, I don`t want you to get vex with me or get so upset with me.“ I braced myself for what I thought was the inevitable. She then continued gathering a little more strength in her voice.”It is that I want to tell you that I want a separation because I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Continue reading

The Churchyard

Potable water was always hard to find in Bocas Town.  Image

Potable water was always hard to find in Bocas Town. Image

Within the next few days I was climbing the stairs to speak to the Reverend Lady I was seeking. After being ushered into her parlor she said that she would be glad to pay me three dollars, “If only you could clean up that yard.” I promised her that I would start on the job the next day after seeing what I had to do to get it looking like someone cared for the church. That very day I went over to the churchyard to assess what I would need to get that overgrown yard under control. Continue reading

Me Name Gone Abroad


Depression had caught up with me again about that time of my life, and had been driven by my perception that Grandma Ethel Levy would not last long on this earth. Her arrival reminded me of the time I had taken her out to be a special guest at our Mothers Day Concert at Abel Bravo School. It had been one of our important concerts in which our Choir performed at school. That night as I showed up to escort her, she appeared very impressed with it all. The girls in the receiving committee took charge of her at our arrival, pinning a beautiful corsage on her for this Mother’s Day Concert.  Continue reading

A Sordid Lifestyle


Added to our poor marital relationship, Pug and I had started showing our disaffection by disavowing to ourselves and others that we had ever been a couple. Time and circumstance would reveal to me that my dilemma would have to remain a “quiet” issue for as long as I could endure. It was plain as day, however, that that child that I had registered as being mine, in reality was not. But, I quietly tried to remain positive about accepting the child as mine while Pug remained adamant in never wanting to divulge to anyone what was secretly ailing her and keeping her in a constant foul mood against me. Continue reading

My Visit to a Bush Farm

The kind of farm I dreamed of having.  Image thanks to SoleJourner.

The kind of farm I dreamed of having. Image thanks to SoleJourner.

The dip in the sea had made up for anything I considered wrong with my life then; whatever might have tried to depress me had simply vanished from me. Also, in my routine walk out to the runway spigot to get water, I would also bath there, leaving me renewed and refreshed to continue fetching the much needed potable water. In the meantime, I had heard that Little Man had taken the boat to Colon. I decided to hide from his boss, the Indian guy, not wanting to make any commitments. Though the ride to Baseline was free, I was adverse to wanting to attract any more trouble by going up there with Pug trailing me. Continue reading