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Scouting Amongst Panamanian Westindians

Image is of the Canal Zone Boy Scouts meet of July 4th 1938
which, in that moment, was called The Isthmian Scout Council
which later changed to The Canal Zone Council and later on would
evolve into the International Boy Scouts Canal Zone.


Image is of Camp Chivo Chivo January 1964
International BSA
Both priceless images can be found at

My previous posts were intended to give a glimpse of the childhood activity of Scouting which, I was sure, would have benefited not only me but my family and community for a life time. I can also assure anyone that I know not where I got those ideas from. However, the analysis by proven mental health professionals would be as much accepted as any one of us as humble pundits of today. Continue reading

The Jamaican Society Scout Troop

The infectious enthusiasm of the cub scouts.

Learning to work together in the cub scouts.

The infectious energy and enthusiasm of the Cub Scouts.

When my Scout chaperon and I finally arrived at the Jamaican Society Hall I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before me stood a group of boys much older than myself neatly grouped by aged. Before I was placed in the group to which I would be assigned I’d find out that I was the youngest child amongst all the troops since there were some baby boys there who were a little older than I was. Continue reading

His Soul Was Not Present

This image of a Boy Scout Troupe in Trinidad,
circ 1929 represents the original organizations
of the Boy Scout Movement from the U.K. in
the West Indies.

Even as early as the age of six I had detected the emotional dissolution of my father, a man child directly descended from one of the first Silver Men, Joshua Austin Reid. It seemed to me that the man was reaching into his Soul to find the strength he once thought he had at such a time in his young life. He, I still think, had given his all, just as did all his Jamaican ancestors before him to the Yankee Dollar, and that, perhaps, was precisely what was ailing him. Continue reading