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Casa Muller “Mullah” Building

Muller or Miller Building.

Casa Muller or Muller Building
circa 1972, just before it was demolished.
Image thanks to Sr. Justo Pardo Villalaz

The grand Hotel Tivoli located in Ancon, CZ
had comfortable accommodations for visiting American
and other white foreigners visiting the Zone.
Image thanks to Panamaliving.com

In 1976 a news article by Earl V. Newland appeared in a leading local newspaper that he dedicated to the descendants of the first member of the Müller family. This man had passed through Panama en route to California smitten by the “gold fever” that had spread throughout North America when, as we know, in the middle of the nineteenth century gold was discovered in the Mother Lode country of that great western state.

Mr. Muller was little impressed with what he finally saw in California after, more than likely, not finding any of the shiny metal. He promptly returned to Panama, however, where he eventually managed to find his fortune. In Panama he did find his first rare treasure, a wife, as he married not long after his return. His name was Oscar Muller. Continue reading