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Will Panama Ever Change?

The Panamanian cédula, or personal identification card,
has undergone quite a transformation. Above is the cédula-librito
or booklet type which many of my ancestors, Westindian functionaries,
were instrumental in registering. Below is the current version of our cédula
complete with electronic bar coded information on the back.
Both images are thanks to the Tribunal Electoral.

I will admit that Spanish School had succeeded in doing one thing; it had made me more Spanish than Westindian. In those days of primary school the teachers reminded Westindian students at every turn that they should speak Spanish and not English and we all started to do just that; even to the point of denying our cultural heritage as English speaking people. Continue reading

Tarzan Would Never Believe This Tale

Flavorful Coconut Rice “Arroz con Coco”
Image thanks to: www.muchogusto.net

I was served a small platter with what turned out to be a dish that was colorful as it was tasty. The first mouthful revealed a flavor I hadn’t tasted since long before I left my homeland. It was a Guacho made out of small pieces of pigs head. The Guacho, or stewed meat, was surrounded by a portion of flavorful, steamed rice, cooked in coconut milk and Porotos (red kidney beans) and garnished with some potato salad. Continue reading