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Demotions and Child Abuse

This is a vintage Sears radio console
circa 1941. I can just feel the dial in my hand
as I looked for my favorite radio programs.

As I have noted before, in those early years of my childhood no one in the Westindian community or the inner family actually spoke to children. No one I knew had spoken to me about anything much except for the Scout Master who tried to test me at the time for bravery and intelligence on that unforgettable evening in the
Jamaican Society Hall. Continue reading

Family- The Flip Side of Labor

A pile of old cardboard like this
was gold to me.
Image thanks to www.ecoscherpa.com

Throughout the social and economic struggle which, for me, was an attempt at maintaining some kind of foothold on the heritage left by our forefathers, we as part of the Silver Roll people were still suffering as if it had been our own fault for being hold up in one room in some barrio of Panama. Pauperised, the whole community would fight back any way it could, if passive aggression counts in any war without negotiation. Continue reading