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Gravitating to the School Marching Band

An Institute Marching Band drummer.

I found solace hanging out at the school athletic field in several ways but it was mainly a way for me to stray from my classmates and make new friends who, like me, found comfort in hanging around the field. It was there out on the field that I discovered how some students who attended the Institute from the interior of the country resided at a dormitory at the school.   Continue reading

The Bloody Scenario

You are looking down from one of the
balconies in our building at Mariano Arosemena St..
The neighbors watched the entire bloody scene
unfold in our courtyard
from these same balconies over 60 years ago.

The day on which the whole neighborhood’s eyes would be turned on my mother would be another day of calamity for me, another shameful incident for us kids to have to endure. The Silver commissary caper had not yet subsided nor had its potential for disaster insured our safety as small children. Continue reading