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A Colon Baptism

Baptism of an older child.  Image thanks to cam.org.au

Baptism of an older child. Image thanks to cam.org.au

I came home one afternoon intending to speak to my mother Rosa Green about being “employed” and how I’d found a positive opportunity to work and still attend school. However, since I hadn’t really started work as yet, I didn’t want to compromise my money which I saw as a way of insuring my survival. Considering that since I’d be able to make some change, I was looking for some way to help my mother. Continue reading

Colon, the Forgotten Province

Colon really has the better architectural design despite the neglect.

Colon really has the better architectural design despite the neglect.

Colon Province during the early years of the 1950’s would have comprehended about 4,868.4 sq km and had a population of about 170,000 people of which more than half remained on the left bank of the Canal of Panama, and of the population of the right bank of the Canal we hardly knew anything. The majority of the capital’s population, of course, was West Indian mostly linked to the Silver Roll. Although the City of Colon occupied less than one fifth of the entire area of the province of Colon, the Afro-Caribbean community had always been a huge component and marked the identity of its population. Continue reading

Burying Hopes

This is Mount Hope Cemetery in Colon, Republic of Panama.

After grandfather’s funeral my sister had also told me that grandfather had been sick for a long time walking around with urination problems and that he had not said anything to any of them. I thought I would never forget that day we buried him at Mount Hope Cemetery which, in Spanish, translates to Monte Esperanza. Continue reading

Hello Colon!

The City of Colon meant a fresh start for me and the chance to experience new adventures. The long walk in the cool night air had lifted my spirits and elevated me into more positive thoughts. For me, a young black man finding himself during the witch’s hours with the starry sky and a deserted city street for a backdrop, it also meant that I could sort through better my feelings of loneliness. Continue reading

Our Silver Cemeteries Made it to the International “Endangered List!”

We just had to break the wonderful news to all our readers and descendants of the Silver People who have been following our progress!

Our “Silver” Cemeteries here in PanamaMount Hope as well as Corozal Cemeteries, the resting places of our historic Silver ancestors who built the Panama Railroad and the Panama Canal- have been included on the World Monuments Fund’s prestigious “100 Most Endangered Sites” for 2010. Continue reading

Violeta Green and Lord Cobra- A Meeting of Three Worlds

Violeta Green performing before an enraptured audience.

Violeta Green at her best.

There was a time when the name
Violeta Green was synonymous with the City of Colon. The same may be said of Lord Cobra. As we’ve already discovered, although he was a native of Bocas del Toro, Cobra lived and worked throughout his life in the province of Colon and both Violeta and Cobra, as well as being close friends were consummate exponents of two musical genres that are part of the Panamanian culture today: jazz and calypso. Continue reading