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Times of Preparation for Independence

Panama's Flag

For the peasantry and the common people of Panama the terms called for in the Wisconsin Peace Accords of November 22, 1902 would turn out to be another one of the great betrayals that they would suffer before the close of the 20th century. Continue reading

The Indian Guerrilla General

Skirmishes continued to flare up between Lorenzo’s guerrillas of La Negrita in Coclé and the garrisoned troops of the Conservador leaning central government of the Colombian Army. The rag-tag army of Indian peasant patriots forced into a disciplined guerrilla unit fought intensely as no other group fought. Throughout the long year of 1900 the fighting continued in the region around Coclé Province. Now armed, the once community leader “caudillo,” Victoriano Lorenzo, was now in charge of battling against a trained military and he organized continual nighttime assaults on the government troops. Continue reading

General Victoriano Lorenzo (1867-1903)

It is my intention through these written lines at this time in the history of Panama to honor the memory of another hero and patriot of the natural people of Panama. Continue reading