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Hello Colon!

The City of Colon meant a fresh start for me and the chance to experience new adventures. The long walk in the cool night air had lifted my spirits and elevated me into more positive thoughts. For me, a young black man finding himself during the witch’s hours with the starry sky and a deserted city street for a backdrop, it also meant that I could sort through better my feelings of loneliness. Continue reading

A Silver Roll Grandmother and the Black Christ

A Diablo Rojo going to take many pilgrims to Portobelo. Image

As we approach the grand celebration of the Black Christ this Friday, October 21, I never fail to recall the words of my beloved grandmother who, as I’ve noted countless times, was the key person in my life to introduce me to the Black Christ of Portobelo in the Province of Colon. Continue reading

The Day The Black Redeemer Was Excommunicated


The notion that the Redeemer of Israel would appear as a “Black Christ” and also a Nazarite, one who is consecrated to the Lord our God, was not always an acceptable idea to the Princes and Kings of the Re-conquest.

Even more significantly, that He should be an only son who would be sent to suffer and be humiliated and prove to be for sinful humankind a redeemer, one whom we of the enslaved African masses of America would worship and would love even more profoundly than the Virgin Mother herself, was positively anathema to many of the rulers of the Universal Church. Continue reading

The Westindian Panamanian Roots- Recalling My Grandfathers

Casino and Hotel Venetto

There is a building boom going on in
Panama and they can thank my
pioneering grandparents, The Silver People,
for it. Top photo is just one example of the
mushrooming new skyscrapers, banks,
shopping malls, hotels, casinos etc., that are
going up faster than anyone can keep track.
Bottom photo is a view of the new and changing
Panama City skyline as seen from the walls
of the French Embassy in old San Felipe (Casco Viejo).

I’ll never tire of saying it but I’ve always believed that we Westindian Panamanians are a very unique people. Of such strong mettle we the
Silver Men, the Panamanian Westindian, have evolved. Continue reading

A Short Trip Back to Our Roots

Here we are, Aminta, little Earnie and me,
on that fateful day

standing right next to my father,
Cobert Sr.’s, Studebaker while
we smile dutifully for the snap shot.
The park behind us is Parque Melendez.

The day finally arrived when we, as children, would once again be blessed with connecting with our maternal grandparents in Colon. Only four years had transpired since my sister and I had been surreptitiously (to me anyway) stolen away from the affection and care of our Naní and my beloved grandfather, Seymour, to be placed in the precarious care of my parents in Panama City; a period during which at least one of us had not survived. Continue reading

The Terror of the Silver Roll

Bust of Aminta Melendez in Colon.

Aminta Melendez and her father Don Porfirio Melendez.

Image on top : Bust of Doña Aminta Melendez that
sits in Colon’s Parque de la Avenida Central.

: Aminta Melendez
and her father, Porfirio Melendez, circa 1904
Bottom: My sister Aminta and me about 1942.

After the notorious Colon fire of 1940, the Green family would return to a normal life with the appearance of the first buds of their second generation in the persons of my sister and me, Cobert Junior, or Juni for short, having been named after my father. My sister, Aminta, who was one year younger, had been named by my mother after Aminta Melendez, daughter and notable personage (although under mentioned) in the short revolutionary history of the City of Colon. Continue reading