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Secretly Hoping

The same passion for marching in the November 3rd parade shows on the faces of our youth today as in my time.

I can identify with these younger boys who yearn to join the older kids in the November 3rd parade.

Throughout this period I kept up with my mechanical dentistry trade secretly hoping that I could learn enough to open my own small business at home.  In this day and age, with so many people wanting to establish their own fairly lucrative home business, I can identify with their sentiments completely.  I yearned deeply for a chance at independence. Continue reading

Seeking Models of Values

The ever elusive “ton-a-money.”

By this stage in my life I was aware that these were special times for me, a turning point, if you will. I had seen life with my parents, aunts and uncles, and now I thought that my life was not turning out any better. My parents’ divorce seemed to have left me feeling captive in a type of upbringing full of hate and family conflicts which I’d been subjected to and forced to accept for many years. Continue reading

Seeking Models of Manhood Part II

Bernie Madoff, one of the biggest and
most notorious of the “juega vivos” of
modern times was recently sentenced to
150 years in prison for his leadership in
defrauding and ruining thousands of investors.

One day, without much thought, I simply sat at a small table Clyde kept in a corner that was equipped with a lamp or an alcohol burner of sorts which he used for heating up wax. I had suddenly become the “Wax Man,” since it appeared as though Clyde’s clientèle had multiplied to the extent where he was hard pressed to keep up with it. Continue reading

Seeking Models of Manhood Part I

This is a photo of my very
good friend Ronaldo T. Johnson (RIP)
who is sporting a barely perceptible
gold tooth in the style that we all used
to wear in our youth.

My visits to the dental clinic had become more frequent by the time I hit sixth grade as I worked and absorbed all that I could from the three men at Clyde’s dental clinic which had been operating probably since before I was born. Continue reading