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Joshua Austin Reid- From Dispensary Director to New Dangers

The former Gorgas Hospital atop Ancon Hill in Panama. Image thanks to Panamacz.com

Image thanks to Panamacz.com

Although the widow Reid did not elaborate much on the issue of my grandfather’s employment, Joshua Reid seemed always to occupy a position of leadership in the community. As Director of the Silver Roll Employees’ Dispensary he was also responsible for overseeing Public Health in those parts of the segregated Panama Canal Zone and as director one of his important duties was the identification and control of vectors against all sicknesses. Continue reading

A Tribute to My Grandfather, Joshua Austin Reid

Image was taken from a colorized postcard of an early ambulance from Ancon Hospital. The white man was a policeman and the body that is being transported in the ambulance was probably a recently deceased Silver worker. My grandfather, Joshua Austin Reid, as Dispensary Director, often sent the ambulances he supervised on mortuary calls.sent the ambulances he supervised on mortuary calls.

Joshua Austin Reid's "Badge" photo from his work file with the Panama Canal.  It is dated 1919.

Joshua Austin Reid’s “Badge” photo from his work file with the Panama Canal. It is dated 1919.

Probably no one will remember Mr. Joshua Austin Reid and his exploits as I would; no, not even his beloved wife. My grandmother, Fanny, was able to arrive in Panama and enjoy life without fear of dying in her sleep for herself and, later on, her children in large part thanks to the monumental clean up and construction exploits of men like grandfather Joshua. Continue reading