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Our Conversations

The published article, On Who’s Backs,generated a lot of attention and many important and valid reactions.  This is a healthy sign for us as people who, in the past, had great difficulty communicating with each other as well as with their own children.  Fred Brooks accentuated this when he said, “This was the same divisive privilege that created a divide to this day…”  I might add that the divisiveness often took the form of rejection and disdain for having our eyes wide open.  I suffered it in the flesh for many years during my childhood. Continue reading

“On Who’s Backs”

The following article was written by Fred Brooks, a member of our Facebook group Afro-Heritage of Panama.  We loved it as it embodies the same sense of urgency we feel about recognizing the contributions of our Silver People of Panama.  We thank Mr. Brooks for permitting us to reprint his essay here on our Chronicle.  Please read it and share with as many people as possible. Continue reading

The Mutual Aid Societies- A Regrettable Disunity

Old Folks Home, Panama City, Panama. 1930's

In the image we see a 1950 group of old timers and
indigent people being treated to some Christmas
Cheer by one of the Mutual Aid Societies in Panama City.

Just as the growing Silver settlements and townships in Panama were gaining an identity and a reputable presence in the Republic with their hard work ethic, their ability to inject strong economic viability into our tiny Isthmian country and their new, urban cultural influences, the ogre of disunity started to rear its ugly head time and again to bring down the many positive gains “with their own hands.” Continue reading