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The Passing of a “Silverman”- Bobby Grant

“Bobby” Grant, William Evans Grant Lescano
1912-2008 Rest in the Peace of Our Lord
Bobby, my step father, and Me in our happy reunion after many years.

On the 18th day of April of 2008, Mr. William Evans Grant Lescano passed on and was laid to rest in Mount Hope Cemetery on the 21st of April of this year of Our Lord. He was lovingly known as “BobbyGrant to all the people of the Westindian community of the City of Colon. Continue reading

Between the Zone and the City- Transitions

A commissary book of the type
used in the Panama Canal Zone Commissaries.

Many Westindians with commissary
privileges shopped in the commissaries with
similar coupon books issed in different
denominations. courtesy of czbrats.com 


Empire garden school for “Silver Roll” children about 1910;
probably the first school gardens in the entire Republic.

For the Westindian the times seemed propitious by now for them to begin to enjoy the first wave of euphoria of being persons of independent thought and action. Life in the Barrios afforded them a focus for that much needed social integration into Panamanian society. Continue reading

The First Generation of Panamanian Westindians 1914-1930

Sidney A. Young, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Panama Tribune- A Weekly Newspaper

San Miguel School in Panama
An ealy “English School” (circ. 1935)
Image courtesy of www.czbrats.com

The isolationist policies of the North Americans on the
Canal Zone forced another dispersion of some of the Jamaicans who had become aware that as Jamaicans their knowledge, skills and leadership qualities would, more than likely, not be appreciated on the “Zone.” Some Jamaicans, however, remained loyal to the Westindian community in the country remaining and setting the tone of leadership in the Black Canal Zone. Continue reading