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The Insular Westindian Societies

The photo is a 1930 view of the Jamaican Society in a
procession from the Edith Cavell Hall to the Society’s
headquarters in Calidonia.

In the early days of the Republic of Panama, the days in which the Westindian presence was much more predominant and important to the growing nation, fraternal and benevolent societies, lodges and clubs were springing up like weeds. Continue reading

The Red Tank Community Death Scheme

This is a shot is from an early "Silver Disability Relief Roll" line on the Canal Zone.

by Lydia M. Reid

With a name like “The Red Tank Community Death Scheme” many of us today would probably have second thoughts or at least some partial misgivings about such an organization. But this Lodge or fraternal organization was just one of dozens that were formed by the Silver Roll people of the Panama Canal Zone to better survive the economic conditions of their life on the Isthmus. Continue reading