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How I Met Albert “Nick” Brown

Image thanks to Wikipedia.

Image thanks to Wikipedia.

I was still in shock after the incident with my mother that nearly took my life that evening, and hadn’t really had time to converse with Mrs. Ethel Levy, Pug’s grandmother when, just about then, this tall, well dressed dark-complexioned  guy showed up to join us on the stair way in which we were having a conference regarding the events that had linked us all together. Continue reading

A Working Man

My first job in the car wash and detail shop run by Simeon also opened a window on what life as a working man, earning hard cash, could offer me especially since I  could now take my girl out for a stroll in the evenings on Front Street, visit the Hindu store or just go window shopping with some money in my pocket.  It was a nice feeling of, shall we say, independence and manliness. Continue reading