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The Importance of Lineage and Ancestry

Our ancestors have left behind for us all their
love and dedication and years of struggle in Panama,
as can be seen in this touching inscription on a mother’s tomb
in Corozal Cemetery in Panama.

One of the facets of African derived religion that I have found missing from the Panamanian Westindian Beji-Nites as opposed to the Hispanic brand of African religions in the Americas has been that of the inclusion of our African ancestors in their ceremonies. It was when I became involved with a Latino Spiritual Center (Centro Espiritual) that I would become aware of the importance of having our African ancestors revealed during the ceremonies. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on the Ideology of Our Times

From the very beginning, the West Indians were part of Panam'a culture and history.

In upcoming articles we will show that the issues that I have been covering did not only affect West Indians as a group of people of African descent, but they have left a strain on our Latino-American culture, and have also affected us in our psychology as a people who have a large part in Latin American history. It is our hope that these articles would stir most young people the world over to seek peace and to work to eradicate racism and classism. Continue reading